Telehealth Services

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Telehealth Services are medical services like mental health and non-clinical services, over the phone, using video chat, or through a secure app. It allows an individual to get care from their doctor or health care provider without leaving the house. It’s quick, safe, economical, and most importantly, extremely convenient from the comfort of home.

Telehealth Services can also be defined as the use of digital communication and information technologies to gain access to and manage health care remotely. Technologies can include mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and computers. It can be done at home or also be provided by a healthcare professional from a mobile van or medical office, especially in rural areas. Telehealth Services can also be used to improve and/or support health care services.

Virtual Mental Health Treatment Options

The National Institute of Health says:

“Telehealth is a service that uses video calling and other technologies to help you see your doctor or other health care provider from home instead of at a medical facility. Telehealth may be particularly helpful for older adults with limited mobility and for those living in rural areas, as they will have the opportunity to see and talk with their doctor from their home. For older adults, talking with their doctor online, through a phone, tablet, or other electronic device, can often be easier, faster, and less expensive than making a trip to an office. Telehealth can also help support family caregivers who are taking care of their loved ones either close by or from afar. If a caregiver needs to ask the doctor a question, they can do so through an online health portal rather than waiting for and traveling to an in-person appointment.” (NIH)

Telehealth Services are absolutely one of the safest way to see a health care provider right now due to the Covid-19 viruses. It protects you, protects the people around you, and also protects any health care workers that are on the front line of this pandemic.

Telemedicine for Substance Misuse & Alcoholism

Some of the Telehealth Services that a person can get can include: