Professional’s & EAP Track

We accept most Health insurances

We believe in the ability to help our community while providing treatment without disrupting an individual’s life, work, and resposibilities. We will work with your HR Department/EAP to help facilitate the best possible outcome for you! 

In case you did not know, EAP stands for Employee Assistance Program, and is offered by may empoyers which then usually covers the stay in an addiction treatment facility without the risk of losing employment!

We Work With Employee Assistance Programs

We understand you might not have the ability to initially attend an inpatient detox and/or substance abuse treatment. We can offer a great solution to detox and attend treatment appropriately and safely while still being able to work. 

For working professionals, regardless if you are bluecollar or whitecollar, everyone should have the same opportunity to get the help they need for a substance use disorder.

EAP Friendly Drug Rehab Center

Contact our addiction professionals around the clock if you’re searching for an EAP friendly drug rehab center. We’ve helped countless workers, employees, and professionals achieve the gift of long-term recovery with face-to-face counseling and telehealth treatment options.

Regardless of your profession or career, there is no excuse to find the courage and get the help you need with your drug dependency or chronic alcoholism, along with any underlying mental health disorders.