Outpatient Program

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Outpatient Programs offer a variety of non-residential treatment options for a person struggling with addiction. Our Outpatient Program strives to meet the needs of each client. Some services offered include case management, treatment planning, individual and group counseling, family therapy, patient addiction education, crisis intervention, relapse prevention, recovery services, and discharge planning.
Our Outpatient Program at 1000 Hills Recovery and Treatment Center will work with your other providers, including primary care, to provide the best treatment possible. We also work with social services, housing, and community resources. Outpatient Program services usually consists of up to 9 hours per week of treatment.

Outpatient Rehab Programs at 1000 HILLS

For some people, Inpatient Rehab Programs aren’t a good option. Outpatient Programs are an effective way to treat substance abuse disorders where individuals can get help for their addiction and still work, and fulfill their daily family responsibilities and obligations.
Outpatient Programs help people overcome their issues with addiction and also learn how to recognize and prevent any triggers. Most Outpatient Programs meet every day for the first several weeks or maybe even months. Once an individual becomes more stable and gets further along in treatment that usually lessens.

Benefits of an Outpatient Program (OP)

Outpatient Programs have become increasingly more popular due to the flexibility they offer. There are several benefits of going to an Outpatient Program:
Keep in mind that these benefits vary for each person, and Outpatient Programs aren’t right for everyone. Those that have severe addiction issues may need Inpatient care so they can be carefully monitored for withdrawal symptoms and to reduce the risk of relapse.
One of the biggest disadvantages of going to an Outpatient Program is that we aren’t able to treat any withdrawal symptoms. This can be tricky without having 24 hour care from medical professionals.

Goals of Outpatient Treatment Programs

All of our programs have the same goals and that is to help our patients achieve long-term sobriety and ideal mental and physical health. However, some patients are better candidates for one or the other depending on the degree of their addiction, their willingness and readiness to make a change, their relapse history, and their current living situation.