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Personalized treatment plans

We have a treatment program for everyone, no matter what your situation is. Need a flexible schedule to attend treatment because of real-life responsibilities? We will adjust a personalized treatment plan that is safe, effective, yet does not wipe out your life. Of course, many situations are a rock bottom where the only solution is 24/7 supervised and housed  treatement, which offers the best chance for success.

Day/Night Program

(25 hours a week).

Intensive Outpatient

**(non-residential)** (15 - 25 hour per week program).

Outpatient Program

**(non-residential)** (15 - 25 hour per week program).

Open Office

Working Time

We are open 7 day per week, Monday through Sunday, for a minimum of twenty-five hours per week of treatment from 8:00a.m. to 9:00p.m. Monday-Friday and 8:00a.m. – 9:00p.m.
Saturday and Sunday, based upon the individual needs of the client and meeting placement criteria for this level of care. Each client shall receive a minimum of 25 hours of counseling per week depending on level of care.

Our Services

Our services shall include a combination of individual, group, and family counseling. The purpose is to provide the following: education on Substance Abuse, Chemical Dependency, and Mental Health.
We assist individuals in assessment and self-evaluation of substance use and mental health diagnosis patterns and the effects that it has on their lives; and to assist individuals in the development of appropriate strategies to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol.
The focus of treatment for the client is not primary education and relapse prevention but great focus on underlying mental health issues. Clients are required to attend community self-help group meetings while in the program.

ready to live again?

Take the first step, what we call a leap of faith, and jump into the world of recovery to experience benefits beyond your wildest dreams. Watch how after staying sober long enough all the pieces will start falling back together in your life. We hear this endlessly, and it’s true!