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We offer world-class dual diagnosis programs for mental health disorders

1000 Hills Recovery and Treatment center is nestled in West Palm Beach, FL

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We Are Experienced Addiction Professionals

1000 Hills Treatment Center is a rehab facility specializing in treating substance use disorders as well as underlying co-occurring mental health disorders. We are a tight knit group with the sole purpose to help those suffering from addiction and life’s challenges. You can never do it alone, but our professionals will certainly do everything to help. Our facility offers face-to-face treatment along with telehealth services for the convenience of our patients.

We craft an individualized plan of action and treatment approach for each patient because we know that no two people are alike.
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Each situation is different and requires careful evaluation for the highest chance of success with long-term recovery. We are ready to take on the challenge and bring you down the path of success in overcoming addiction, alcoholism, and dual diagnosis cases requiring specialized clinical care that can be found at 1000 Hills Recovery and Treatment Center in West Palm Beach, Florida.

What Makes 1000 Hills Treatment Center Different?

We took a strong focus to offer addiction treatment and mental health services to portions of the population that are often ignored in this epidemic. We are a Veteran’s Friendly Rehab Center and offer a treatment track for workers, employees, and professionals specifically in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Our vision has always been to avoid closing the door on anyone, no matter how dire the situation may seem, hope is on the way at our treatment facility if you choose to accept it and give it your all. Additionally, we offer virtual treatment services from the comfort of home for those that wish to engage in telehealth services.

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We are nestled in West Palm Beach, Florida, where year-round sunny skies and a vibrant recovery atmosphere are everywhere. Join us on a journey to healing your or a loved one’s inner self and find out why you’re so special to deserve recovery.

Remember that our purpose is to make you and your loved ones believe in a better tomorrow without drug dependence, chonic alcohol abuse, or other similarly devastating mental health challenges.